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How It Works

To ensure your valuable belongings and get proper insured reimbursement at the time of
any natural disaster or burglary by listing your valuable belongings on our website with proper images and proof of purchase.

  1. Purchase your valuables items
  2. Take a picture of item
  3. Scan a copy of receipt or bill of the item with the QR code or unique bill no.
  4. Upload picture of item and scan copy of bill on our website by creating new item.
  5. Once the item is listed on the website the client has a SECURE registration of their valuables and a reference point of when the item was purchased, a copy of the receipt paid (if they have one) and photos of their valuable items with their value–All for insurance purposes or as a record of keeping. We offer the highest Encryption of your registered valuables data on our website
  6. If an item or items is stolen or lost–the customer can create a full report (REPORT GENERATOR) from our website directly. The report allows the customer to mark an item or items directly in his account (Client Dashboard) as stolen or lost, list the exact date of the stolen or lost event occurrence, police report details and the customer has the options to: print the report, email the report or send the report directly to their insurance company.

At time of any such disasters you can claim your items if you have a valid insurance of those and as a proof of items you can show them the item listed on our website.