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Create a private and secure portfolio of all your personal property.

  • If an item or items is then lost, stolen or a natural disaster occurs and the items are damaged, use ValuablesRegistry to inform your insurance company for compensation of the lost or stolen items and law enforcement agencies all over the world to assist in recovering your property and apprehending the thief.
  • Use ValuablesRegistry to register all of your valuables, not just your expensive ones. We have people getting insurance claim compensation on their cellular phones, iPad, and even valuable pens using our service.
  • By joining ValuablesRegistry you have peace of mind knowing that you have a complete secure listing of your possessions that is immediately available anywhere in the world and ready to email to any insurance company or police authorities when any disaster strikes. The list is accessible by your insurers and local and international authorities should the need arise.
  • Unexpected thefts, robbery, loss and natural disasters can occur-when they do, members of valuablesRegistry have easy access to a list of all their items with photos of the items, receipts of each item and serial numbers of each item all in one convenient place.
  • Prevention is better than cure-be prepared- use your ValuablesRegistry secure listing to create an easy police or insurance claim report.

Why Valuables Registry

Did you know: 2013 the FBI reported that?

  • Every 3.7 seconds property is stolen in the United States
  • Every 1.5 minutes a Robbery occurs
  • Every 16.4 seconds a Burglary occurs
  • Every 68 seconds a fire occurs in a residential structure
  • Every 5.3 seconds larceny-theft occurs
  • Every 45.1 seconds One Motor Vehicle is Stolen

Insurance pay outs are being driven below 60% of actual coverage purchased, lower than any other time in history.
Many Hurricane victims experienced claims problems and have not been reimbursement by insurance companies.